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Project Description
The main objective of AvsFilterNet is to provide a wrapper for avisynth, making it possible to write simple filter in any .Net languages.

Writing a .NET filter
  1. Create a .NET DLL project in Visual Studio.
  2. Add reference to AvsFilterNet.dll (Note: don't change its file name!)
  3. Implement your filter (see SimpleSampleNet project in the source code package for more details)

Using a .NET filter
There are several ways to load a .NET filter into Avisynth environment:
  • Manual loading:
Use the following statements to manually load your .NET filter:
  • Semi-auto loading:
Rename your filter to have "_netautoload" in the file name (position doesn't matter), and put it into the same directory of AvsFilterNet.dll, add the following line to your script:
  • Auto loading
Put AvsFilterNet.dll and renamed filter (see above) into your Avisynth plugins folder and you are done.

Once the filter is loaded, you can use it like other regular filters in your script.

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